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Ladies who are at least 35 or above...We have relaunched our face-to-face classes in Oxford and have 10 spaces for ladies who are looking for a fun way to make a positive change to their health & fitness.


Come along to a FREE taster class and let's help you discover an effective and fun way to transform your body and fitness. In a very short time you'll:

  • Get toned and look great

    Let us show you how to get toned and look great with our easy to follow exercise sessions suitable for all abilities. We also have some great healthy eating plans to choose from - there's really no need to feel hungry on our plans!

  • Have bundles of energy

    Let us show you how you can increase your energy levels and feel good about yourself. Let's put the zing into your step and transform your confidence if it's on a bit of a downer.

  • Decrease stress levels

    Exercise is a great stress reliever and our workouts are fun! Laughter is a great medicine and there's plenty of the happy stuff in our classes.

After losing 7 stones with SlimFit for my big birthday, I can now wear the clothes I like rather than wearing size 24! I have gained so much confidence which has resulted in me  securing a new job.

Jackie Swift

I've nearly reached the weight I was before I had my 3 kids! I've enjoyed every minute I've been in class. I've lost over 3 stones and I feel healthier, fitter and my body shape has improved.

Louise Kebej

I lost weight for my health as I had high blood pressure. After losing 4½ stones, I have learnt how to look after myself and that it is right to put yourself first sometimes rather than others and work.

Linda Webb